Workforce Optimization

Skills, Staff development & sourcing tailored to new work characteristics.


Drive a cost-effective and right-skilled workforce matching the characteristics of neXt-gen work that is increasingly automated, executed through distributed teams and favors re-skilling rather than multi-year functional experience and career progression; seeking to avoid perpetuating job profiles and structures tailored primarily for human execution and line-of sight management.


Network Skill Maps

Revised/decomposed job skills (i.e. technical, professional and service) and revised job requirements based on skill rather than degrees.

Modular L&D Program

Modular L&D program that builds new technical and interpersonal capabilities by combining OJT, ILT and Online methods in shorter, job-specific programs. ‚Äč

People Analytics Insights

Analysis of trends and statistical relations between job performance , core skills, L&D programs and recruiting profiles.

Staff Sourcing Programs

Recruiting & sourcing programs tailored to the skill needs, profile and tenure characteristics of the new workforce in a timely manner.

Staff Development plans

Learning paths for talent network staff, combining pre-requisite knowledge, instructional learning, CBT, OJT, practice & certifications.

Load Balancing Plan

Capacity targets by location, service and skill type to drive service levels and optimized delivery cost across entire network.

neXt-Gen Organization

Revised Job profiles, span of control, org. layers and team composition tailored to next-gen operations: automation, right-skilling and virtual handoffs.




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