work optimization

Bots, SAAS, Applications, Process Improvement, Analytics, Data & API's


Improvement in service levels, delivery cost and customer experience through the analysis and thoughtful adoption of fit-for-purpose solutions tailored to the characteristics of the service, the readiness of the organization and the maturity and experience of solutions available. A new state that incorporates improvements to both WHO does the work and HOW hand-offs flow, by leveraging software technology, data architectures, process improvement and and talent optimization.


Fit Analysis

Mapping of optimization solutions against key criteria (e.g. Maturity, service characteristics, readiness, timing); numeric & visual results.

Bots & Task Automation

Adoption of "standard" robots (i.e. RPA, Web services, SAAS agents) and/or development via custom/no/low code, including web frameworks.

SAAS & ERP Software

Implementation of functionality covering full functions or organizations, effectively changing work flow, data access and jobs.

Common data architecture

Data architecture and standards that minimize data duplication (e.g. MDM) improving task handoffs via API's and providing insights via Analytics.

Business Case

Document containing outlining Qualitative and Quantitative benefits as well as financial return (e.g ROI, ROIC) on solution implementation.

Revamped Workflows

Redefined process flows and handoffs by leveraging techniques (i.e. six sigma, lean, PI), process mining and data analytics.

Reconfigured Teams

Teams and staff matched to task attributes rather than perpetuated decades-old job specs, through traditional R&R's, combined with right-skilling.

Emerging Technology

Experimentation and adoption of newer technologies in areas where other options may fall short (e.g. AI/ML, AR/VR, blockchain, IoT, etc)




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