Remote Work & WFH shaped by location-driven experiences

remote work workforce WFH

After decades delivering and building remote work jobs, Work-From-Home discussions feel like therapy to me. While remote work seems to make physical locations irrelevant, our experiences tied to physical locations will shape our work regardless of where we are.

From Future Of Work to Work From Home, let’s tackle 4 basic questions

Future Of Work from home jobs workforce

Work life has evolved and key pillars such as “job for life” ,”line of sight management” and “full time contracts” are no longer the pillars they used to be. In order to capitalize on changes technology brings to our work life, must address 4 key questions and ensure to connect the dots.

The Future Of Work is exciting and scary, but hardly new

Future of work technology timeline

The excitement, fear and deep emotions Technology and Automation change bring to the Workforce are real, but hardly new. “Future Of Work” is the term that studies this impact and acknowledging its centuries-old history can help us chart our future.




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