Global Business Services addresses 5 modern business trends

Global Business Services Addresses 5 modern trends Diego Navia GBS 2022

Global Business Services can provide the architecture to scale modern agile operations rather than simply provide an evolution of cost cutting measures via BPO & Outsourcing.

By leveraging common technology platforms, fit-for-purpose execution, right-skilled jobs and managing a hybrid workforce regardless of legal arrangements, GBS can become the pillar to address modern business trends.

Journey to a Modern Enterprise Operating Model

Digital Operating Model Journey Transformation BPO Outsourcing GBS Transformation automation agile enterprise value

As #remotework takes hold and organizations face challenges driving total customer experience for existing and newly created digital channels, a shift is occurring focusing on digital operations as a natural progression of their digital transformation journey.

Simplification killing your Digital Journey

Digital journey business simplification operational transformation Artificial intelligence decision making

Decision making is routinely disrupted by biases, over-simplification and other mind games. A digital journey is no exception, and being complex by definition, the careful use of simplification is key, particularly as it relates to technology choices.

Digital Enterprise: What do you mean?

iphone technology

“Digital” Insights, acronyms and trends surround us. Building a modern Digital Enterprise is more complicated than any “magic bullet”, hype or our own siloed perception.




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