service reconfiguration

Shared Services, GBS, Outsourcing, CoE, Reorganization


Execution of process/services under a different work configuration: work-flow, contractual arrangements, physical location, skillset, supervision, tech support, etc. Scope, document, setup and transition processes and activities as part of an organizational reorganization, migration to Shared Services, Outsourcing, Offshoring, Center Of Expertise or any other contractual or scale-driven arrangement.

Key Questions


Process/Service Map

Detailed process flow depiction of how services will flow across job positions, which software will be used and what specific outcomes and scripts will be used.

Requirements & Standards

List of prioritized corporate compliance & operational requirements: Infrastructure, security, certifications, licenses, SLA's, data feeds, BCP/DR, Bandwidth, etc.


Definition and rollout of all software required to deliver service in scope as well as comply with the corporate operational and informational requirements.

Training & User Guides

Detailed scripts, user guides and work aides for each job position; design and execution of training (i.e. technical, compliance, professional) required.

Business Case

Qualitative and Quantitative benefits, financial return (e.g ROI, ROIC) and specific actions required to deliver stated value for service in scope.

Skill & Team Composition

Definition of Team size, supervisor ratios and organization layers by service; Job descriptions, profiles and skills required for each member.

Transition Plan

Detailed plan including all activities required to design, build, transition and go-live with the service at the new site and/or with a new team.

Sign-off & Monitoring

Formal sign-off and acceptance of capability; plan, process and capabilities to ensure continued compliance monitoring and alignment.




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