Scale &
Radiate Services

Articulate, Document & communicate value, driving next wave of Services

Replicate success

Continued expansion of the neXt Operating Model by building on the success, case studies, physical capabilities and lessons learned from migrated services, extending capabilities to new services, organizational functions and geographical regions.


Service Catalogue

Inventory of all services and sub-services part of the new operating model, with their attributes so they can be actively managed, scaled and improved.

Lessons learned

Documented lessons learned and best practices that help mitigate operational risk and improve financial returns for new services.

Leader Engagement Plan

Engagement plan including communications, events, meetings and reference materials to attract new services and influence sponsors.

New Service Roadmap

Detailed set of activities, milestones and responsibilities to onboard and rollout a specific new service to a new site/ team.

Acceleration matrix

Inventory of capabilities, skills & attributes mapped to physical location & teams, that can accelerate time to market -and reduce risk- for new services.

Case Studies

Documented "success story" and Business Cases that, grouped as reference case studies, helps make the case to build new services and mitigate risk.

Service rollout waves

Prioritization of new service requests into onboarding and rollout waves across sites and teams, allocating resources and minimizing risk.




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