Site &
Team Start-up

New physical Locations, Teams and/or Service Providers


Source, build,  and/or contract new service delivery capabilities (i.e. Outsourcing, shared services, CoE, Gig workers, offshoring, etc) and ensure they can reliably deliver work in scope. New capabilities typically required for a new location, service provider, contract, service, business/compliance requirements

Key Questions


Requirements & Standards

Compilation of all applicable regulatory and legal requirements across jurisdictions and implementation of protocols and tools to comply with them.

Leadership in place

Profile identification, selection and integration of leadership team to global operations network, including potential travel and training..

Recruiting Brand & Channels

Development of relationships with higher ed institutions, recruiters' agencies and others; events and marketing to build a recruiting brand.

Legal & Contractual

Legal documents and agreements to support the setup of local entities, tax efficient constructs, arrangements with service providers, etc.


Setup of a physical facility that complies with key guidelines including area/staff, building level, physical security, access, common areas, branding, etc.

Staff/Teams Ready

Definition, recruiting, training and development of delivery teams, accommodating variations by service; leadership hiring, compliance and development

IT Infrastructure

Setup IT infrastructure (i.e. Hardware /network /security) compliant with corporate and regulatory requirements; clarify local/global responsibilities.

Support Functions

Setup, hire and/or connect HR, Finance, Procurement and other support functions, including specific software and/or connectivity required at new site.




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