Orchestration backbone

Software, Protocols and Standards enabling people to work together regardless of location or contractual arrangement


Common capabilities and asset infrastructure that facilitates and drives the operations and interoperability of a delivery network in a consistent manner, compliant with both internal standards and external requirements, able to improve and adapt continuously by relying on data and knowledge sharing.


BPM Workflow System

Software platform used to control task handoffs, manage capacity, route errors and provide work visibility and analytics through dashboards.

IT & Security Standards

Common infrastructure (i.e. Servers, cloud, network, security) standards and assets that ensure technical interoperability and scalability across the enterprise.

Regulatory Compliance

Identification, documentation and enforcement of compliance requirements (i.e. data protection, records management, regulatory agencies, legal, etc.).

Software Map

Map/grid of standard software products, on-premise or cloud, selected to support support functions, services and efficiency plays (e.g. RPA, OCR, etc).

Operational Standards

Documented standards, procedures and flows on roles, hand-offs, response times, documentation, SLA's, escalation, etc.

Data Mining & Analytics

Insights into operations via log analytics and other techniques; common data model that fosters reusability and encourages data sharing via API’s.

Collaboration Platform

Software platform including staff profiles, video, chat, virtual rooms, document repositories & taxonomy to enable teamwork and best practice sharing.

Customer Management

Customer clustering strategy, roles & responsibilities, processes, guides and tools for handling customers requests, complaints & evaluating performance.




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