Operating Model & Digital Operations Framework: 11 Areas

Craft your own Business & Digital Transformation journey by leveraging our Operating Model & Digital Operations Framework

Business to Digital

Business Transformation reflects the decades-old obsession with an enterprise becoming better and more competitive every day by leveraging new processes, workforce arrangements and technology.  Interestingly, this term generates different reactions depending on corporate history.  As the term mobilizes many emotions and the art of the possible, it also creates frustration when promises are not fulfilled. We know first-hand of several large Fortune 500 clients where using this word was not advisable given this corporate baggage.

Digital Transformation was built on similar emotions and business drivers along with a real need to realize the possibilities afforded by web technology, starting in the latter part of the 20th century. Initially, the bulk of the efforts around Digital Transformation have been associated with customer experience (CX/UX) and building non-existing digital channels for social media, web reach, etc. 

CX/UX to Operating Model

Most organizations have created some sort of new digital channel(s) along with revamped customer experiences and in some cases even new revenue streams associated with new products or business models. Several of this initiatives include new workforce, organizational  and process arrangements to enable them along with the technology being adopted.

A direct channel to the customer, empowering them through self-service uncovers many operating model issues and the inability to deliver smooth handoffs while complying with regulation and protecting corporate assets. By the same token, the long list of new user friendly technology and the infinite possibilities of connectivity have unleashed many options to improve the corporate Operating Model, managing processes and workforce that, while increasingly more complex, can now operate in an integrated fashion due to the advances in technology and connectivity..


Gartner defines Digitization as taking “an analog process and changes it to a digital form without any different-in-kind changes to the process itself”. Technology juggernauts like Oracle or SAP would argue they’ve been digitizing business for decades – something we agree with and have taken part in. Digitalization (digitalisation if you are in the UK) is inextricably attached to digitization and defined by Gartner as ” the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities; it is the process of moving to a digital business”. 

In the end Digital Transformation is about turning “value-producing opportunities” into a more competitive, profitable organization. In doing this, many levers can be used, including re-arrangement of processes, re-sourcing of work, connecting data flows, optimizing Workforce, automating work and orchestrating  digitized resources, to realize the potential of a large untapped opportunity.

A Framework guides your Operating Model Journey

We have developed a Digital Operations Framework by identifying competencies/ areas that in our experience, drive large technology-driven initiatives on a global scale. Some of its components apply to both Digital Business and Digital Operations Transformation (i.e Value Generation), some are specific to digital technologies (i.e. Orchestration Backbone) and one of them, establishes the next logical steps for a modular enterprise vision (i.e. Business Blocks).

These Digital Operations Framework areas are presented as components -along with subcomponents- as we understand each organization sets its unique path based on its assets, history and readiness for change. Furthermore, all have already traveled a path and we  see our job as helping outline the possibilities and together define the right focus areas.

"Each organization sets a unique path based on its assets, history and readiness for change"

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