Human Capital across locations, contractual arrangements & Tech

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Development of an integrated, neXt Human Capital model, that drives a cohesive workforce delivering work for an organization, regardless of location or contractual agreement. This blends traditional HR practices driven by local laws (e.g. recruiting, separation, payroll) with location-agnostic elements (i.e. culture, collaboration, skills) leveraging modern technology.


People Model

Aggregate people model, including service capabilities, pyramid, skills (i.e. technical, operational, inter-personal), profiles, etc

Network Footprint Strategy

Network strategy (i.e. site redundancy, risk profiles, turnover, skill hubs, specialization, capacity tiers, service levels, etc) to address work demand.

Performance & Metrics

Key drivers (I.e. quality, cost, utilization, feedback etc.), associated SLA’s , target values and methods to drive individual, team and organizational performance.

HC Network Synergies

Synergies (i.e. economies of scale & specialization) across sites/ contractual arrangements for all HC practices (e.g. Recruiting, training, attrition) and HR Tech.

Network Talent strategy

Network-wide HC strategy (i.e. hire, develop or re-skill talent; where to hire; high vs low turnover; compensation strategy) to address skills & demand.

Community Programs

Alignment and Engagement activities (i.e. comm’s, affinity groups, events, etc) that drive trust, common culture, virtual collaboration & key work practices.

Career Mobility

Career paths and alternate development paths including secondments, Global Mobility and apprenticeships opportunities across the talent network.




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