Value Generation

Business Case, Benchmarking, ROI and value realization

Monetizing CHANGE

Identify, prioritize, quantify, monitor and deliver tangible benefits and a direct positive impact on Financial Statements. Rather than focusing exclusively on one-off ROI or Business Case slides for projects, focus on a full Enterprise Value life-cycle, tying operational initiatives with financial impact. 


Focus Areas

List of operational areas, functions or task groups that, empirically, seem to be performing below expectations and could be improved.

Opportunity Maps

Plotting individual opportunities in a risk reward matrix, to aid in prioritization, considering effort, readiness, cost, capital, time-to-value, cashflow, etc

Value realization Roadmap

Specific action plan to deliver ROI. This includes both the build-up of new capabilities as well as the cost-takeout required to deliver cost savings.


Development of KPI (Leading, lagging) dashboards to track and drive value realization, along with a process and governance to monitor, escalate and take corrective action.


Operational and/or financial benchmarking for key focus areas using internal and external data to compare performance and identify up-side.

Value mapping & KPI's

Value maps, linking opportunity to operational value drivers and financial KPI's (Leading, lagging) to be monitored through the process.

Business Case & ROI

Financial, risk and qualitative benefits that inform executive investment decisions and, grouped as reference case studies, help build other services.




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