Business Blocks

Common outcomes, standards and API's powering interoperability.

Plug-n-play services

Plug-n-play operations through development of interoperable “Lego-type” composable business blocks that allow organizations to build and quickly switch service bundles (i.e. software, data and people) across providers or internal organizations, by leveraging the power of Common Outcomes, Standards and API’s.


Readiness Assessment

Assessment of outcomes, operational, compliance, data and economic variance in service delivery to determine readiness for business blocks.


Definition of detailed outcomes for each service and its steps, including data fields, formats, frequency and response times.

Decision Rights

Clarification of decision rights between service provider and "buyer" across areas such as remediation and service improvement.

Interoperable IT

IT Infrastructure, common data models and software that supports interoperability with providers, complying with set standards


Compilation of external Compliance, Security, Infrastructure and Operational standards delivery providers (Internal or external) must comply with.

Ecosystem Engagement

Engage industry, service providers and other stakeholders to converge around common standards and Outcomes.

SLA's & Contracts

Definition of key performance SLA's and contractual framework (with external providers) that provides accountability, flexibility and protections.




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