Operations StRATEGY

Strategic choices to align service execution & modern workforce

Charting the path

Digital Operations Strategy choices drive execution through a modern hybrid workforce. An approach that helps visualize the appropriate workforce mix (i.e. Employee, Service provider, Bot/SAAS, Low Code, Gig worker) by process/ function type, and develops the appropriate operating elements to enable it. Building an integrated and scalable operating model, regardless of location or contractual arrangement, optimizes delivery cost, reliability and strategic effectiveness.

Key Questions

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Target Operating Model

Visual depiction of how services will de rendered to clients and internally: principles, req's, workforce attributes, volumes, work flows, functions, locations.

Service Attribute Mapping

Ops Attribute definition & mapping for Digital Operations Strategy services in scope; clustered and mapped to available workforce types.

Value proposition & Maps

Key messages and branding for the operating model program that drives positive and clear change, helping manage expectations and creating momentum.

Technology Strategy

Inventory of key technology (e.g.. Hardware, software, interoperability) strategy, standards, assets and plans to serve as guidelines for operations strategy.

Business Case

Visual, descriptive and numeric elements compiled in a document that outlines Qualitative and Quantitative benefits as well as financial return (e.g ROI, ROIC)

Compliance & Risk

Prioritized regulations, legal structuring and risks to be included in the Digital Operations Strategy as constraints and drivers of the operating model.

Workforce (People) Drivers

Definition of key workforce attributes, clustering into types, directional mapping to representative services and initial definition of target volume gaps.

Implementation Roadmap

Visual representation of implementation activities/ outcomes, outlining key milestones and a more detailed drill-down for the first rollout wave.




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